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Finding Alpha
13 February 2024

Finding Alpha Podcast | Avoiding pitfalls in the small cap market

Stephen Wood joins Sinead Rafferty, Investment Specialist at Fidante for episode 3 of the Finding Alpha podcast – Avoiding pitfalls in the small cap market.

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12 January 2024

Small is beautiful

As the world grapples with the complexities of the energy transition, this article explores the resurgence of nuclear energy, emphasizing its efficiency and smaller land footprint compared to other renewables.

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2 November 2023

Ausbiz TV Interviews

Catch up on the latest market insights with these short Ausbiz TV interviews with Stephen Wood.

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12 October 2023

The Fall and Rise of Uranium

David Haddad discusses the recent revival of the uranium industry, attributing it to factors like rising spot prices and increased interest in nuclear energy as a low-carbon alternative.

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11 July 2023

A site visit with a difference

Embarking on a site visit with a twist, the Eiger team explored the Australian Museum’s Minerals Gallery, gaining valuable insights into resources.

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23 June 2023

Why this small-cap healthcare stock could be a takeover target

Where are we in the small-cap cycle? Stephen shares a healthcare stock, investing in companies soon to be takeover targets and identifying lucrative opportunities with Livewire.

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15 June 2023

3 stocks Eiger Capital is buying and one it has just sold out of

In this interview with Livewire Markets, Eiger Capital’s Stephen Wood shares why he is overweight IT Services right now (and reveals three stocks he is backing over the year ahead).

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8 June 2023

It’s been 11 months since this portfolio manager invested in Pilbara Minerals and Lynas. This is what’s next

Livewire interview with Stephen Wood covering various battery material related commodities…

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18 April 2023

What to do about Stock Based Compensation?

Victor Gomes explains the potential return of Stock Based Compensation (SBC) to its origin of tech start-up land in the not-too-distant future.

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