Environmental, Social and Governance

Eiger Capital (Eiger) believe that sustainability factors materially influence the risk-return profile of its investments. As such, Eiger believes that ESG considerations are integral to the investment decision process in order to manage investments for the long term. ESG is explicitly considered and assessed as part of the investment decision-making process.

All companies that Eiger considers for in-depth fundamental research must first pass a qualitative screening process that specifically measures and assesses a company’s governance structure and the environmental and social consequences of its business.

Eiger’s investment focus is not confined to the short term financial performance of a company. Eiger believes, over the long term, a company’s operations are unsustainable if they cause irreparable damage to the environment, workplace or end consumers, and will not knowingly invest in such companies.

ESG factors are considered at every stage of Eiger’s investment process and influence investment decisions.  For further detail on Eiger’s ESG integration process please refer to Eiger’s ESG Policy.

Eiger is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).