About Us

Eiger Capital is an active boutique Australian equities investment manager specialising in small companies. Eiger was founded in 2019 by Stephen Wood, Victor Gomes and David Haddad who have worked together since 2011. Prior to Eiger they were at a large asset management company also managing Australian small company funds. The team employs a high conviction, style-neutral approach to investing.

Our Name

Our name and logo are inspired by Switzerland’s Eiger mountain. It’s a reflection of our history – having previously worked together at a Swiss investment company – and our future – to strive for great heights and achieve the investment goals of our clients.

Our Partner

Fidante forms long term alliances with talented investment teams to support and grow specialist investment management businesses. By providing a broad range of integrated services to Eiger Capital, Fidante frees up the Eiger investment team to focus on what we do best: investing and managing assets.

Fidante Logo

Charities We Support

Thirdlink – Philanthropist and well known investment industry veteran Chris Cuffe, has combined investment and charity to create the Third Link Growth Fund. In a pioneering initiative designed to benefit both investors and the non-profit sector, the Third Link Growth Fund provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a professionally managed fund where all management fees, net of expenses incurred, are donated to the non-profit sector – without charging additional fees or diluting investment returns. Find out more here.

Third Link